Friday, December 28, 2012

Something NEW

So last night I was watching YouTube to find a new way to wear my hair.  I have been praying to the hair gods and my hair is growing.  My twist outs and puff are cute but I need something new.. so I saw this two stand twist braid I tried it.  One day I am going to be brave and do a YouTube video.  I think when my hair grows longer maybe I will.  Then that means I will have to learn how to do make up because those ladies look good...but that is another story... lol  This is day one:

I am looking at those black roots and saying I need some color quick1

As you can see my hair has grown sincce March..( i know you remember that hair straightening fiasco). Now I think my hair looks cute like this with the length..if only it would stay like that, but anyone with natural hair knows the shrinkage is so bad.

I two strand braid it to the back..i did two layers so it would be full

So i hope this turns out i can add this to the number of hair styles i can do...I will post pictures of the finished product good or bad :-))

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