Thursday, October 13, 2011

Am I still a Product Junkie?

People ask me this question all the time.  My answer is yes, but I am not just buying random things now like I use too.  I still buy things but I am reading labels and waiting till I have a coupon or when things go on sale I try new products.  My main product now is Shea Moisture.  I still use Kinky Curly as a detangeler just because I think its is the best.  I still use Suave Conditioner to co wash with.   I got two new products that I will be trying real soon.  Jessicurls and Natural Girls Rock has a Deep Solutions Conditioner and Flax Seed Oil Gel and when use together to do twist out, they are supposed to be just I will be trying this in a few days.  Take a look at my basket....

My basket doesn't look to bad.  I still have stuff in bags that I haven't put out

I still want to use the As I Am products but right now they are too expensive and the coupon that I have received from Curl Mart doesn't work, so until I just get a bonus or hit the lottery I wont purchase the product.  The product itself is not too expensive but when you have to pay shipping and handling then it becomes to much.

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