Thursday, October 13, 2011

I think my band too tight!

Today I decided to try to use the "ouchless" headband on my head because sometimes the headbands I have hurt my head behind the ears.  So i used an ouchless band.  I wrapped it around once and then I got the bright I deal that just maybe I should try to do the puff...So I double twisted the band on my head...I didn't push back too far because My hair not that long and i know this style would look funny.

I left for work and as I am driving my head starts to pound and I am like dang why does my head hurt....of course after 10 minutes it registered with me that this band is too tight on my head.  So I undid it and just like that I could feel the pressure leaving

this is how i wrap the band twice....i stretch it out and then wrap it again...

now that it is doubled then i push it back but not all the way because then it would make my puff look very small

this is the band squeezing my brain tight!!! lol

relief without doubling the band

Okay so now my head feels better with the only just putting the head band on...its not tight at all but now i feel its too loose.  Maybe I will try another ouchless that has not been stretched out yet and see how that goes.

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