Sunday, October 16, 2011

Race for the cure

Over the weekend I participated in the Race for the Cure. This year was different for me.  In May I had a mammogram and I was asked to come back because they saw something on the screen on my right breast.  I had to have two test that determined that it was only a cyst in my right breast.  The anxiety that built up in me as I waited to find the results affected me in a way I couldn't even describe.  I was holding my right breast trying to be extra careful with back I don't think that would have had any affect on it...but in my mind I thought it would.  I was talking to the insurance agent trying to make sure I had enough.   I thank God that it was only a cyst...but it reminded me I cant take my health and life for granted.  So as I participated in the race I walked for all those people I knew has passed away due to cancer and those who had conqured the cancer. I met old and new friends during this run.

My time, I could have done better but we were talking, playing and just acting up on the

I dont know this think Ingrid knew him...i just wanted to take the

This guys shirt was very cute............

The back of the shirt says it true

So many people.......... 

My sorors...... 

Look at the dog with the tutu!!

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