Monday, March 19, 2012

All Natural Journey's are Different....

I went to church today with my blow out and I had mixed reactions.  The funnies reaction was from some of my natural sista's.  There was one lady who called me a "traitor",  one that said " I cant believe you permed your hair" and so on and so on....I was like Really????  First of all if you know my journey to natural hair you know I would not have permed my hair..  Second of all if I did, its my hair.  Chill out honey!!! lol  

I heard about a friend that was natural and went back to a perm.  At first I was sad and a little disappointed but I realized I was doing the same thing the people were doing to me. This is really not an easy journey for some people.   To me it goes back to why you started this natural journey and the why will keep you on this journey.  If you started it because it was the latest fad...then yes I think you will go back when you get frustrated and tired.  Its your choice or decision not mine or anyone else to make.   There have been plenty of times I thought about going back in the beginning, because I didn't like my hair when it was really short...I wanted to be natural but didn't want that transition period that comes with it. 

Now I love my hair......I miss it too, so I don't think I will be wearing this straight hair for long. 

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