Sunday, March 11, 2012

My worst Nightmare.....

I woke up in the middle of the night...because I was having a nightmare.   I dreamed I had permed my don't you "permers" get offended.  This is my disclaimer....I have nothing against a perm...many of my very good friends have perms...But I have made a choice to not get perms anymore and so when I dreamed I did I has horrified.  In my dream, I cant explain why I permed my hair, but I turned out beautiful of course...but then after about 20 started to sink in what I had done..and its crazy...because I was going to the hair show I was like I cant wear my Team Shirt anymore...what about all these products I bought...Now I am going to have to wear a wrap cap and have to sleep pretty, and run when it rain if I don't have an with the bad dandruff....and the list goes on and

Thankfully I woke up and it was really was just a dream...I was like thank you GOD!!!! 

I love being a Natural Hottie!!! lol

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