Saturday, March 24, 2012

So devastated... :-(

So last week I had mixed emotions about having my hair pressed out.  I liked it but I was so ready to go back to my kinky curly hair.  Well I woke up on Thursday and decided to wash my hair, I was still on vacation and I was in ATL, where you run in to naturals all the time, and I wanted to talk natural with my  Well this is my hair after i washed it..

YIKES!!! I am saying something aint right...

where are all my curls
 We were going to the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke in 2 hours what am I gonna do.....  This is the way I had to wear my hair today because I couldn't do anything with the mess I had on my head...

I called my natural friend Lynda and she said that it was probably heat damage...and I would have to wait it out...I could just do twist outs with the roller on the end until my curl came i went to the beauty supply and bought me some rollers and some twist and lock gel and I braided my hair to the back, like i did when I was transitioning..  I didn't like the results the next day when i took it looked terrible...therefor no

So after that disaster this is what i did:

yep!!! I cut off all the straight ends...

praying that i didn't have to go back to the brush cut...

the color looks great... :-))

On the way back home I contacted my friend Donita and she suggested that i buy some apoghee reconstructor to help bring the pattern back and to add some protein to my hair.  I liked the way it made my hair feel but Its still didnt all curl back up.... So I did and my hair is long enough that i can twist here is my hair after all of this..

my hair growth gonna be all over the

im still a curly girl!!!

you can still see some straight ends...:-(

i went out that night so all wasnt lost...

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