Friday, March 16, 2012

Salon visit

Today I went to the Salon, because I have been wanting to get my hair colored for a while now.  In this natural hair journey I have felt like I needed to shake things up with my hair.  I wanted to get a little spicy!!! lol.  I have been calling around to compare the prices and let me tell you, I didn't like any of after attending the hair show last week I spoke to someone who told me that they got their color done at the Aveda Institute.  Its a school.  So I decided to try.  It was good.  They give you a consultation.  I took the box of color that I bought last week also so I can show the stylist what color i was shooting for.  I wanted Cinnamon Brown....while getting my hair colored he asked did I want him to straighten it out....hummmmm that sounded interesting....I thought about it...consulted with my sister friend Ingrid and decided to do it.   here are my results below:
okay this is what is looked like when i left the salon

i decided to add a little fluff to it...
I was shocked at how long my hair was.  Its exactly the length it was a year ago before I big chopped!!  It is crazy how your hair shrinks up so short that you don't even know how long your hair is..  Its funny,that i had to send my daughter out to go pick up me a wrap cap!!! I was out and it was threatening rain...and I was like dang I cant get my hair wet and I was thinking I am not going to stay this way long...too many restrictions for me... but its nice to switch it up some time.

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