Friday, March 30, 2012

Hair thoughts....

I have had a weekend to think about getting my hair straighten again.   I would say not for a very long time.  I know in the beginning I was a little hesitant about getting it done and then I was ready to go back and then my hair didn't look the same.  I think I got too much done on the same day...I got color, a blow out and then straighten.  So I don't think straighting is bad, i think I need a little more education on it and i might try again next year...just maybe go to someone who has done this for a while.  

I was so upset when this happened, but then I had to cone to terms that is was just HAIR!!!! Who I am is not defined by how much hair I do or don't have on my head....If there is one thing I have learned in this year and 1/2 of my natural journey, I have learned to love myself unconditionally...

I have also learned to appreciate my natural hair, I am trying to love on it a little bit more than I did the first time.  Now the texture of my hair has changed, probably due to the color, its not as thick as it was but im hoping as it grows out it will thicken up, if not I will accept it and keep it

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