Monday, March 21, 2011

Cake...oh so bad!!!

So when you look at these two cakes you think awww soo pretty....or I can't wait to eat...right?  Well that was what I was thinking.   I was invited to a wedding and so I prepared myself....I LOVE cake...sometimes I think I am dating cake(seeing that I am  To prepare myself, I didnt eat any sweets so that would allow me to eat as much cake as I like.  Well let me tell you about this was BAD! but not in a good way.  The cake was so spongy like, so cornbread tasting that I actually got mad! lol.  I was like I went without cake all week, so the build up was there and then I was let down.  If I knew the baker I would go up to him and "slap" him for making such a horrible  I have uploaded a few pictures of some good cake...

Edgars cake

Birthday cake from Publix....this cake was sooooo good!

not sure where this came from but it was sooo good...


  1. I love cake too, and like you, I look forward to cake at weddings and am very disappointed when it doesn't live up to what I imagined.

    The last wedding I went to the Bride's cake was some strange flavor and the Groom's cake had coconut in it.

    Next time we meet up, we need to go to a place where we can get some good cake. Have you tried the caramel cake at Newk's? We can't go wrong with Zoe's cake or Edgars!!


  2. lol...IKR!! I felt like the air had been let out of my balloon. I havent tried any of Newks cakes..I cant get enough of their chicken need to go to Yogurt Mtn when it gets warmer....