Monday, March 14, 2011

Pick of the 26

So I spoke to a Natural Diva to find out why by the end of the day my hair feel a little crunchy.  She asked me how I put my styler on in the morning, and that is where she told me my problem was.  I need a pick...i said a pick, are you talking about the one with the fist and she said yes, the pick will help distribute what every you are putting on your hair all the way down to the root......but I was like...I am not picking my hair out with no pick...I dont have a afo......wait...yes I  So I set out on my journey to find my pick...I went to Walmart and had no luck so I tried the local beauty supply. So I went to the store to buy my pick..I felt like I should ask my dad to go buy this, because I guess I associated the pick being a man's hair I was very uncomfortable...I wore my shades so no one could recognize me;...WHAT!!! dont judge me...its only day 26..... lol

On the way to the store to pick me up a Afro Pick...

Look at that fist....

After purchasing my pick I went back home, so I can try it out...I co-washed my hair and then I put on my Curl Quencher and pulled out my applying the Curl Milkshake...I picked out my fro again..and tihs is one day I had to sit on my hands not to touch my hair.   By the end of the day my hair still felt soft and looked shiny...So guess what I give the Afo Pick a

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