Monday, March 21, 2011

...On the road to becoming a Product Junkie........

Am I becoming a Product Junkie?  This is the question I asked myself as I went and purchased another product the other day.  I have been in denial, for a few weeks now....saying "Im not a Product Junkie" as I keep making  That is the first sign you are a PJ...Here is what 1/2 of my bathroom counter looks like now...

Of course all the natural blogs tell you don't become a PJ, but how can you not when you don't know how a product is going to work unless you try it?  Now that is my official statement and I am sticking to  Yes I am a PJ and I am proud of it.  I keep searching sites to see what I can try next.   I am buying trail sizes of products because I dont want to spend too much on something that doesn't work.  Case in point.  I bought Carols Daughter Hair Milk lite....Hated it!!! (in my living color voice) left my soft hair hard...but it smelled good.  I also got a sample of Hair Balm while shopping and....I Loved it!!! with 2 snaps and a also smelled really good.  Now the Hair Balm added the gloss I was looking for but I didnt want to I want to see what my Coconut/Olive Oil mix does before I buy it. 

I still want to get my hands on Miss Jessie products but I dont want to spend the money...I have some friends that are using her products, but they are being stingy and dont want to share... ;-(....poor baby right!! NOT!!! if that was me and I paid $58.00 for a product I wouldn't be giving none out either...I might actually charge alit bit...WHAT??? Dont judge me...I spent $58.00..honey that is a pair of jeans at Express on

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