Wednesday, March 23, 2011

...Hair Thoughts...

I have received so many questions about my hair journey that I wanted to share.  When I first decided to go natural, I would play around trying to image what my hair would look like, but nothing really prepares you.  When I first BC (Big Chopped)...I was very excited when I got out the chair I looked in the mirror and was thought I looked pretty good.  Then my baby girl woke up and took one look at me and put her hands over her mouth and ran out the salon door(very dramatic).  She started to cry and keep saying that she didnt like it.  The confidence I had just had in the salon was gone, fear crept up and I started asking myself "what have I done", I should have waited a few more months...I had my girls on the phone encouraging me but on the inside I just didnt know anymore.  I acutally had a good cry that night.  Then I went to Fro Fashion Weekend and was embraced by my natural sistas and got my confidence back. 

Why did you cry?

 I cried because I wasn't so confident in my decision anymore, I looked in the mirrow and felt all of my features were maganified now.  My lips,  my nose, and my forehead are there for the world to see now.  I felt my hair help to cover them up.

How long did you transition?

 I was a 6 month transitioner.  I kept saying I was going to wait to cut my hair just because I didnt want that TWA.  But here I sit today with a TWA and loving it.  But I must rewind a little bit.  After my daughter's response I was thinking "I cant do this".  How is everyone going to react when they see me.  Then there is my dad.  I go over his house every Sunday for dinner, but I missed two Sundays, because I was afraid of his reaction.  My dad and I are alike at times...we are very blount with things we say...not sugar coating anything...Im not like that all the time, but sometimes you cant tiptoe around some things...but anyway...after two weeks I went to see him...and of course he didnt like it, and that was all he said, he didnt go into why, he just didnt like it.  But lately he has said "Looking good" of few words.

What were your transition styles?

My transition style were flat twist out, rods and I wore a sew in once....check out a few pictures...

rod set

sew in

flat twist
If you could go back to February 17th, would you BC?

If i could go back would I do it all over again...  I honestly can't say.  Depends on what day you ask me.  Being natural is an up and down thing.  Sometimes when I am having a bad hair day...I feel like I should have waited a few more months to BC, and other days I am feeling I'm so glad I did it.  So i suggest if you are waffling to wait until you are absolutely ready for this experience.

What bothers you most about people's reactions to your decision?

It used to bother me, when associates would walk up to me and be like "Wow your forehead is big" or Why did you cut your hair (with a frown on their face) like "Really?" people just dont know what to say.  They think that "Freedom of Speech" means you can say whatever DUMB thing that comes to your mind.  I mean if you dont like it fine, dont go natural, but I like it and that is all that matters....keep your comments to yourself.  

People either like natural hair or hate it.....


  1. They think that "Freedom of Speech" means you can say whatever DUMB thing that comes to your mind. "Love it" to funny.

  2. lol...Ingrid you know what I am talking about...