Monday, March 21, 2011

...Finding my 34

Day 34

I am still finding my way with my hair routine.  Yesterday was not a "good" hair day.  I put about 3 different products on my hair.. Curls Milkshake, Hair Milk by Carols Daughter and Design Essentials...I bet you are saying WOW!!! Why did you do I was just frustrated for some reason and took it out on my hair....I had someone tell me, they love my hair.that it looks like I am embracing it now.  I didnt agree at all, I just didnt like I thought it should.   The picture you see is day two of yesterday's routine.  So it looks a little better....

Instead of co-washing today I just wet my hair and put on some Curls Moisturizer and Curls Milkshake and walked out the door and decided to let my hair do what it  right now my routine is Deep Condition with Jessicurls once a week,  Kinky Curly Shampoo once a week, (or twice if my hair feels to heavy) with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration (makes my hair fluffy) or Totally Twisted Conditioner (makes my curls pop very twisted), when I put the conditioner on I use my trusty(is that how you spell that) pick to detangle my hair in the far I like the products I am using.  I can tell my hair is growing.. :-) I am on the search for a product to make my hair shine or not look so dry.  I am on the search for Coconut Oil, today because I want to try a new recipe. So I will give the results soon. 

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