Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mistaken Identity....Day 14

So today I went to the bank and as I sent my  deposit up the clerk said "Anything else today SIR"...WTH??? I was like "Excuse me"...the clerk was embarrased at this point and he was like im so sorry mam...but the damaged was already done.  I know he probably didnt mean any harm...but my feeling was hurt.  I am still dealing with my new look.   I feel like everything about me is exposed now...  My gigantic forehead, my lips, and my nose are things that were hidden by my hairstyles and now BAM!!! its all in your face.   Now I am ready for my hair to grow back just a few more inches so I can start doing something with it..


  1. check out this lady story. She kinda remind me of your blog here.
    Just remember you are beautiful natural lady. Embrace it and rock it with confidence.

  2. I see nothing masculine in your hair or features! You ARE doing something with IT----wearing it how YOU like it!