Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love Jones...Team Nina or Team Darius...

This is my favorite movie of all times.  I had the pleasure of watching it this weekend, as always when I watch this with other people I like to ask the question who was at fault.  Of course I received the response that Nia Longs character "Nina" was at fault...of course I said Lorenze Tates character "Darius" was at fault.  Here are our arguments....He felt Nina was at fault because she left town to be with the ex and then she came back and was kicking it with his friend.  None of this would have happened if she would never had left.  I said Darius was at fault because he didnt have to act all macho when she told him she was going and he didnt have to go get someone else....We still had questions that the movie didnt reveal.....How long was Nina gone?  Did she sleep with Wood?  Did he really break it off with Lisa?  Would the answers to our questions change our response...IDK...lol

Really and truly I feel they both were at fault.  They entered into a relationship and they had no idea what they wanted. They both said "they were kicking it" because that made them and the people around them comfortable with what they were doing.  Darius didnt want to seem "sprung" or "weak" in his boys eyes.  Nina wanted to seem in control and making sure she didnt make the "same mistake twice"  falling in love "its played out like the eight track"...lol... Nina was between job, didnt have a permenant address, just broken up with her fiance...she was a mess.  But I'm still Team Nina...lol

We can want something but God is not going to bring it to us if we are in a mess.   If we are not ready to receive that great man or woman, God will send them to someone that is...that doesn't mean he has given up on us, he just knows we need some time and he is not going to allow us to waste someone elses time. We have to focus on him, and doing his work.  We have to be focused on things or ways to better ourselves and our situations.  Only then will we be able to receive the man/woman that God has for us. 

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